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    BuzzBundle Review : Increase Blog Traffic by 90% in Just a month

    by Santanu

    Product by:
    Santanu Majumdar

    Reviewed by:
    On May 25, 2013
    Last modified:July 9, 2013


    BuzzBundle is one of the best social media management tool. You can increase you social media presence within short span of time using BuzzBundle. I highly recommend you to give it a try.

    Online marketers and affiliate managers are well aware that social media can serve as a tool for maximizing the potential of their company by reaching to the most relevant audience around the world. Today more time is spent on social media websites than any other. Social media websites have therefore provided an excellent opportunity to enhance your brand’s online presence by promoting it online. Experts also believe that social media is a great tool for driving good quality traffic to your website, thereby improving the conversion and the overall website ranking. BuzzBundle is one such tool that assists in social media marketing. Often referred to as the smartest social media management software, we will check, in this article, whether BuzzBundle can be of any productive help to web developers in today’s constantly evolving world of internet marketing.

    List of features BuzzBundle provides

    BuzzBundle Review

    Social Media Manager

    I have been reviewing many SEO tools for the past several weeks. These software are focused mostly on optimizing your webpages for search engines, whereas BuzzBundle is squarely designed around social networks and internet marketing through social media. Following social networks are currently supported by BuzzBundle.

    BuzzBundleFacebook BuzzBundleTwitter BuzzBundleGoogle Plus BuzzBundleLinkedIn
    Manage your business pages Manage profiles Manage your pages Publish updates
    Schedule posting stuff Send tweets Add posts to pages and monitor responses Schedule posts and replies
    Like and comment on posts Monitor mentions and interactions Comment on activity Send direct messages to other users
    Send messages and replies Retweet other users Comment on activity Like and share posts and activity
    Monitor mentions etc. Schedule sending of tweets Monitor mentions Monitor mentions

    The above four are the most widely used social networks. Facebook has over 1 billion users and Twitter is ranks #10 on Alexa’s most visited website. Besides these websites, more social media and video websites will be soon added to the database according to BuzzBundle. Youtube, Vimeo and other ratings and review websites are scheduled to be added this month (April 2013). Moreover social networks like Orkut and XING and Q&A websites like  Answers.com and AOL Answers are also coming soon.

    These tools help you manage your brand’s online presence by effectively monitoring your customers, their activity and mentions, and respond according. You can also view the activity of their customers.

    Manage Multiple Users and Profiles

    Increase Blog Traffic

    The two most prominent features in BuzzBundle are “Create Different Personas” and “Add Any Number of Social Profiles.” With these features you can manage the user accounts for any number of personnel within your organization. This feature is very easy to setup and will guide you through he step by step process. So if you have to manage multiple accounts from your own to the marketing manager to CEO’s, BuzzBundle can take care of that very effectively. You can set up different personas. Within each persona you can add different Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus profiles and manage them very conveniently. I was really impressed by these features. It really saves a lot of time doing the humdrum routine work.

    You can create up to 100 different personas and add unlimited amount of profiles therein. While you can use this feature to add accounts of real persons within your company, it can also be used to create fake profiles and help you populate your social media page, your website or forum by creating a buzz around them. It is also possible to set different IP addresses and proxies for each profile so that it doesn’t appear to have been managed from the same location. It’s up to you how you decide to use BuzzBundle.

    Tracking Competitors

    I also tested the competitor tracking feature of Buzzbundle and found it surprisingly very helpful. It allows you to add up to 10 competitors and additional links for each of your website. You can set up the competitors and add their Facebook pages, Twitter profiles, Youtube channels, forums and their corresponding landing pages to track their activity and what they are up to. The great thing to know here was that you can even learn about the social media properties, blogs and webpages your competitors are getting backlinks and traffic from. Pretty good information, isn’t it? The software also comes bundled with a built-in browser which allows you to open links within the software.


    • Manage different personas and add several profiles conveniently
    • Post to different social networks at the same time
    • Switch between different personas very easily
    • Built-in web browser for quick and effective functioning
    • One-time fee charges and no additional fees
    • Save history of your communications


    • Lacking a comprehensive guide or tutorial
    • Very limited features for Youtube and video sharing websites
    • The free version doesn’t support most of the features

    Final Word

    Online promotion is the key to attract the potential customer and its effective management gives you a competitive advantage over other. Social media is a perfect channel for achieving this, and BuzzBundle will allow you to manage almost every aspect of the social media marketing. Utilizing this software in the way it was meant to be will result in many positive results for your brand. BuzzBundle’s Professional version costs $199. In my opinion it gives good value for money for those looking to make their mark on the social network. However, do make sure you test the free version before you buy.

    FREE TRIAL – Click Here To Download The BuzzBundle Free

    BuzzBundle is one of the best social media management tool. You can increase you social media presence within short span of time using BuzzBundle. I highly recommend you to give it a try.
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