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    Elegant Themes Review : Best Premium WordPress Themes

    by Santanu


    Reviewed by:
    On May 4, 2014
    Last modified:May 4, 2014


    Design and style are one of the key features that define the professionalism and standard of your website. With just one look the theme of your website has so much impact on the visitor’s mental filters and his perception of your website than you can even imagine. Like I have been mentioning, the overall appearance and look of your website is the first thing that users notice. A theme that has been crafted to excellence with good details and sequential presentation of content naturally attracts the visitor and intrigues him/her to find out more about the services or products you offer.

    Elegant Themes

    About Elegant Themes

    Elegant Themes offers lots of beautiful themes for your WordPress website that come bundled with handy short codes and other powerful features that will let you manage your website in exactly the way you want. Elegant Themes has a collection of more than 80 incredibly good looking WordPress themes that you can personalize your website with. By purchasing their membership for $39 you can have access to 86 great themes. Elegant Themes are trusted by over 160,000 WordPress users worldwide. I think that says a lot.

    You can have a look at all their themes by visiting the Elegant Themes website www.elegantthemes.com. You will notice that their themes really are among the best WordPress you’ll come across on the web. Elegant Themes also develop themes for websites of magazines, restaurants, portfolio websites and other business corporations. So if you want to create a visually stunning look for you website, Elegant Themes will definitely interest you. Let’s have a look at some of their features and how well do they perform in relation to other available options.

    What you will Find at Elegant Themes

    Themes. Lots of themes. That’s probably the easiest possible answer to this question. But are the themes really THAT good? How?

    Each theme on Elegant Themes is created by the professional theme developer Nick Roach. Currently there are 86 themes available to choose from and new ones are also added each month. Besides producing new themes, Nick also updates the existing ones consistently which ensures full compatibility and stability.

    If you ask me to define the Nick’s themes in a few words, I would say simple, elegant yet original and fully functional. Besides good look you would definitely want to look out for ease of use, speed and functionality as well. Elegant themes are very easy to customize and you can personalize almost every aspect of your website without any hassle.

    The Convenient ePanel Control Panel and Functionality

    The ePanel control center that comes along is very easy to use and even a beginner trying his hands on a newly created blog can easily manage all features of the website through it. You don’t need to have knowledge of any HTML or CSS code, yet you can conveniently turn different features on and off according to your suitability, add or remove different sections with a just a few clicks. This makes Elegant Themes very easy to use. So you don’t need to worry about customization. Elegant Themes have got it all for you.







    As you can see from the screenshot, all settings can be managed and handled directly from the ePanel. All Elegant Themes come with a widget-ready sidebar, scroll bar and sliders for recent posts, search bars, three-levels of drop down list, image grabber and automatic resizing of images. These settings can be managed from ePanel.

    Theme Graphics and Elegance

    Elegant Themes is popular among the WordPress users for its pixel-perfect graphic details and colors crafted to pages with perfection. A good looking theme doesn’t do its job well if it is too distracting to the reader. Likewise excessively loud colors and sloppy fonts can look unprofessional and turn off the visitors.

    Elegant Themes take care of these small factors that have a great impact on your website. You will get high resolution graphics which makes sure that the images don’t pixilated with higher resolutions. Another thing I really like is the variable color schemes. The themes are carefully designed so that the color scheme does not distract the reader of your blog or a visitor in general. Besides the in-built color schemes you can also doodle with the color and create your own fantastic looking color themes.

    Page navigations are also well thought out so that visitors get wherever they want without the waste on clicks. Menus are strategically places and aligned so that users get to their desired page as quickly as possible. You won’t need to waste time thinking about the logical order and designed the sequence of pages.

    You can also take the advantage of altering the code to create your desired look. This gives you the ability to change and customize the high-end look of Elegant Theme as you wish.

    Customer Support and Satisfaction

    Buying their premium member you certainly do deserve their good attention. There are two ways in which you can resolve your theme related issues with the Elegant Themes team: Customer Support and the online Support Forums. If you have problem installing or integrating the theme with your WordPress website you can always give them a call.

    Support Forum is handled by a team of 20 members who are always ready to respond to your queries. All discussion boards are categorized according to the theme types, which makes it easy for everyone to follow up and search. You can post your issues and expect a reply very soon (from a couple minutes to a few hours).

    Comparison with other Premium Theme Packages

    A comparison of different premium theme packages will give you a good idea as to where the Elegant Themes stand. Bear in mind that in this comparison I have only considered premium themes and packages. Free themes, if any, are ignored.

    Theme Comparison

    As you can see, it is quite clear from the above comparison that Elegant Themes provide similar set of services and functions for a much much lower price. Moreover, like every expensive theme package you will be able to have the plugin functionality as well. By purchasing Elegant Themes, you will also have the advantage of shifting to another theme, in case you don’t like it, as it is based on annual subscription fees rather than one-time lump sum payment like StudioPress.

    Membership Pricing

    Another great thing about Elegant Themes is that it is economical. As mentioned earlier, you get access to FULL COLLECTION OF 86 THEMES FOR JUST $39 A YEAR. This is a lot lower than what competitors like StudioPress offer for a higher price. Here are the two membership plans described.


    Get Elegant Theme Now

    In early 2013, Nick also offered a lifetime membership of all themes and plugins and everything for $249. So getting so many of the best WordPress themes that are available nowhere else for just $39 a year is really fair and reasonable if you ask me.

    Final Word

    To sum up the discussion, Elegant Themes is one of the best themes for WordPress there is. It not only provides you elegant and stylish looking website, but also ensures full functionality, customization and also takes care of SEO factors. Elegant Themes can also help you improve your conversion rate by improving the structure, sequence and layout of your website.

    For an incredibly reasonable price of $39 a year, I assure you that you won’t be able to find these elegant and beautiful themes with full professional support elsewhere on the web.

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