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    GetResponse Review : God of Email Marketing Campaign

    by Santanu

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    On July 30, 2013
    Last modified:July 30, 2013


    Effective marketing and communication through written media is very importance for every business. It not only needs to be expeditiously done but also properly managed and maintained. GetResponse is a service that will not only enable you to create professional looking email and online marketing campaigns through newsletters and website landing pages but also provide you the first hand information regarding matters that are of vital importance in this regard.

    With GetResponse you can manage your contact lists, create newsletters, create autoresponders, share stuff on social media, create forms and also add intelligent tracking to everything you do. This will provide you helpful analytics and insights about what aspects of your marketing campaign are working and could generate a fruitful return if dealt properly. In this article you will learn about the many great features of GetResponse and where it lacks, along with its brief comparison with other email marketing services.


    Email Marketing Overview

    Besides print media, social media and commercial ads, email marketing is a great way to promote your business. Email marketing is also one of the most effective online marketing tactics. Especially for small enterprises with limited resources and budget, email marketing can really make a distinction and help gain a competitive advantage over others. So before we move on to review the many interesting features of GetResponse, let us acknowledge the ways in which email marketing is done today and what are its benefits.

    Email marketing is done in a variety of ways which may include sending promotional messages for requesting new business, soliciting purchase, creating brand awareness to make new customers; or sending email messages with the purpose of enhancing the relationship with current customers, making them aware of the new products and announcing discounts and encouraging customer loyalty and continued business. Like this email marketing enables us to achieve tow great purposes that are vital to the long term survival of any business:

    There are two main ways in which email marketing can be triggered: Transactional or Direct Emails. Transactional emails are sent automatically when a customer initiates a particular action with the marketing company. For example: Buying a new product, confirmation of orders, or drop to basket options. These types of messages offer a great opportunity to market the business because the customers are highly likely to open these emails to get information regarding the action they just took by themselves.

    GetResponse has the ability to send transactional email messages whenever a customer triggers a particular action or create autoresponders to automatically email customers whenever a particular event occurs. You can take advantage of this opportunity and include promotional messages within the transactional emails. In contrast, direct emails are directly sent to the customers to communicate a particular message such as announcement of new products and services. But in order to send direct email messages, companies need to have a list of email address of the prospective clients and customers. These lists can also be obtained on rent through the service companies.

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    GetResponse Overview

    GetResponse is one of the most complete email marketing solutions available. It provides newsletter publishing and marketing campaigns with the help of several hosting features and autoresponders so that you can send the most relevant information to your current and prospective customers in a timely manner. GetResponse also implements anti-span practices and automated list hygiene practices to ensure that your email messages do not stuck in the Junk email folder and are delivered to the recipients’ inbox. GetResponse’s good service and tons of features have enabled it to handle 300,000 customers from different industries. According to the official website GetResponse delivers over 8 billion messages each year from about 200 different countries.

    The idea behind email marketing is to enable you to capitalize on your website visitors and prospective customers and turn them into your customers. With GetResponse you will be able to generate eye-catching emails in no time and utilize them to your business-building results, convert your leads into sales, and get away with the humdrum routine email marketing tasks.

    GetResponse Feature List

    Tons of Email Templates

    With GetResponse you will get a wide gallery of attractive ready-to-use email templates for all sorts of marketing purposes and industries. Designing email newsletters from scratch is a time consuming process and you will be able to get the exact look you want without wasting any time. There is also an option that allows you to create your own email design and format using the drag and drop functionality. Once you are done with the format, all that remains is adding text and photos to the appropriate places, and you’ll be ready to send out a great looking email within no time.

    There are more than 350 great templates to choose from. Have a look below and ask yourself. You’ll surely love one of these elegant and classy email templates.

     Ready to use Email Template

    Elegant Modern Interface 

    Now this is really what sets GetResponse apart from its competitors. Elegant and style is the benchmark is the trademark of GetResponse. Visit their website www.getresponse.com and you’ll be impressed by the clean look and feel. According to me the overall interface plays a big role on the effectiveness of a product. You will be spending a lot of time with the interface and if it doesn’t go easy on your eyes and doesn’t let you access the most important options in the most comfortable manner, you wouldn’t be pleased working with it. Consequently productivity couldn’t be maximized.

    I found GetResponse incredibly simple, clean and easy to use. Excessive whitespace and large font size are the distinguishing characteristics of its elegant modern interface and makes working a lot more comfortable. This is really hard to find in any of its competitors that is equally well in performance area as well. You will not find such a comfortable workspace in any of the GetResponse Competitors including Pinpointe and Vertical Response. Mad Mini comes closest to GetResponse in terms of user-friendly interface.

    Automated Contact List

    GetResponse allows you to create unlimited contact lists. You can add custom fields to your contacts depending on the type of the list and execute search queries. It will give you complete freedom to maintain your contact list in exactly the way you like. GetResponse email marketing Blacklist allows you to add people who do not want to receive any emails or follow-ups from you. This keeps your email marketing campaign 100% spam-free and does away with the clutter of unnecessary contacts and email recipients. Moreover, there is an option for creating suppression lists which will bar certain contacts from receiving a particular email form your company. Segmented lists can also be created. For example, if you want your current email to be sent only to those who opened your last email, such a list can be conveniently created.

    Another great feature in this regard which distinguished GetResponse from other email marketing services is that it allows you to import your contacts from various well known formats very comfortably. So if you are a small businesses looking to get in to email marketing for the first time, you wouldn’t have to worry about uploading entire databases, converting them or manually adding them to the GetResponse contact lists. GetResponse has a very simple import tool that can catch your contacts from a variety of formats including spreadsheets and text files. If you have to organize a large list of scattered contacts in a meaningful way, GetResponse is the right choice for you.

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    This is yet another great feature that works equally well. Autoresponders help you automate the process of email marketing by sending timely email messages and responses to your customers. This is very important in online marketing because autoresponders create an environment whereby customers are able to interact with the company in a 1-to-1 communication pattern. This enables your company to solve the customer’s problems and fulfill their actual needs and problems.

    I would rate Autoresponders 2.0 feature 10/10 because of its ease-of-use and performance. The simple yet powerful interface allows you to manage the timing, relevance and accuracy of automatic email messages very easily. It also has drag and drop order management. GetResponse allows you to send time-based and action-based automatic messages. Time-based messages are sent at a particular pre-defined time, unlimited messages per day are allowed. Action-based messages are sent upon completing a particular action or an event including finished transactions, birthday emails etc.

    While some of the email marketing services do not support complete automation, others such as Mailigen, GraphicMail and Vertical Response has a higher learning curve and not as easy to use as GetResponse.

    Landing Page Creator 

    Landing Page creator allows you to create stunning landing pages that will attract the attention of your visitors and drive them to take an action based on your legit claim. All you have to do is choose your desired template, change formatting styles to suit your preference, and integrate your e-commerce and social media pages. GetResponse also provides you hosting option. You can choose your desired URL and host your landing page for $15 per month. This is a more expensive than what the most popular hosting companies such as BlueHost and HostGator offer. You can host your landing pages for as low as $4 per month with other web hosting websites.

    Although the other options provided by GetResponse are really amazing it wouldn’t be a prudent decision to host your landing page with GetResponse, as it is costlier. Landing Page creation tool is not offered by most of the GetResponse rivals which gives it another positive point in my book.

    Creating Email Campaigns 

    Creating email campaigns with GetResponse is as easy as the other tasks. This allows you to create forms and forward surveys in the emails. You can ask questions that follow up with multiple choice answers selected through radio buttons, or an open ended question with a text box that allows the recipients to express their views. Forms have other great features as well, such as headers, footers, columns, dividers and fields etc. And the best part is you don’t have to learn or decode a single line of HTML code to generate these advance emails.

    Creating Email Campaigns

    One thing that lacks here is the ability to add the files in media library using the search option. While you can easily add files you cannot easily search for the files. There’s a little tricky thing you will have to do. First create folder in the media library, then you will be presented with a search option to add files to the newly created folder.

    Email Analytics 

    The purpose of creating email campaigns is to receiving appropriate feedback. If you sent out a survey or a form, you’ll be presented with accurate results. You’ll be presented with an easy to interpret summary of all the questions you asked and how recipients of the email responded. Although you won’t be able to see the name and email address of the persons who answer in particular way. You will be presented with a numerical figure for each answer. The complete statistics for each question are displayed on the left with the help of charts and diagrams. The Respondents tab allows you to see how many people answered your question.

    Besides this, Email analytics feature allows you to know various aspects of each email you send. These includes, how many people opened your email, clicked on links, or unsubscribed from your newsletter. If an email is not delivered to the recipient you will be notified of the fact. You’ll be able to learn valuable knowledge about your email marketing campaign such as how many people accessed your website through emails and direct your further efforts accordingly.

    GetResponse Email Analytics

    Although GraphicMail, Vertical Response, Mailigen and Constant Contact all offer email intelligence and analytics, I found that GetResponse presents it in the most elegant and fashionable way. However, you may find a couple of extra statistics and analysis features in Contact Contact and other advanced analytics tools.

    Price Plan:

    GetResponse offer free account creation where you will get 30 days free access to all its features and after 30 days ,if you are satisfied with there features and performance , you can opt for any paid subscription. Here are the subscription plan :

    Getresponse pricing

    Currently there are offering 18% discount for any monthly subscription plan and so it is the best time for your to try it out.

    Sign up for 30 days Free Getresponse account


    To sum up, GetResponse is a great service that offers some of the top-notch email marketing features. It appears as if simplicity and functionality lies at the core of GetResponse. This enables you to perform most of the tasks in the easiest way possible thereby increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Creating rich email newsletters and landing pages are not a big deal with GetResponse. Along with these, autoresponders, easy contact lists, email campaigns and analytics make GetResponse a really great email marketing program that I would really recommend buying. If you are a small business owner or a product marketer, GetReponse will prove to be a great tool for you.

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