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    Kontent Machine v3 Review and Tutorial : How to Generate Unlimited Unique Content

    by Santanu

    Product by:
    Santanu Majumdar

    Reviewed by:
    On January 12, 2014
    Last modified:January 13, 2014


    Kontent Machine v3 is a great time saver tool and helps to create unlimited unique content that is relevant to your webpages for promotion.

    Kontent Machine is a completely automated content generation SEO software that is going to save you lots of time if you want to quickly and easily take your website at the top of search engine results. Kontent Machine can quickly generate lots of keyword specific content for your website. The older version you were able to create unlimited similar and unique content and then transfer it to your SEO software for approval, and with the new version 3 it has become even easier and efficient. The generated content can be easily transferred to any link building software very conveniently and that’s what gives Kontent Machine edge over other similar tools.

    Gaining the competitive advantage in your target market can become very easier when your product is highly and readily visible to the users of that particular market, and with Kontent Machine you can achieve this goal very conveniently. This tool was launched last year and since then it has proved to be effective for many web developers.

    Kontent Machine v3 was released last month (November, 2013) and the new software has been coded from the ground and comes with a new, better and much friendly user interface. The new software can also be purchased for a one-time fee and can be used thereafter for lifetime. This option was previously unavailable and you would have to pay monthly fees for continued use.


    How to generate lots of Unique Content and have Command over its Quality?

    For good SEO reputation and search engine ranking you needs lots of high quality material for your website and most importantly you need to build links through other web platforms. In this comprehensive article I will demonstrate how you can use this great software to generate unique content for your website, and import it into a wide range of link building tools and software. After reading this article you will have knowledge about how to have better control over the quality and quantity of the content for your website, how Kontent Machine sources and spins content for your use, and how you can update your web 2 & private blogs comfortably.

    You can generate unique looking articles with pictures, videos, contextual links and other embedded media. Here’s a follow up on the list of new features, settings and options that you can use to have greater control over the software and perform all its functions effectively and efficiently.

    Great New Interface

    The new version comes with a completely new simple and sleek interface as shown below.

    Kontent Machine v3 Review

    You can start new projects or continue the existing ones. The “Tools” buttons takes you to all the SEO tools the software package offers, which we are going to discuss later. First, I would like to show you how you can generate content with Kontent Machine v3.

    Generating Content with Kontent Machine v3

    It is simple and easy. All you have to do is select your desired options and click go! There are options which allow you to input your desired keyword, select the quality of article you want and the spinning service you prefer to use. You can also specify where you want images and videos to be inserted in the articles.  Once the content is finished building, you can select from a variety of other SEO tools you want the generated content to be exported to. Kontent Machine will save the generated content in the recognizable format that you can later open from your favorite link building or other SEO tool.

    Here’s the screenshot of the window with all the options.


    Creating a new SEO Campaign

    Creating a new campaign is very easy with the new Kontent Machine. You have to select your content source, enter keywords and name your campaign.


    You will be able to use the software’s build in scrapper, the local files or a combination of both. The pre-defined content quality settings allow you to set the quality without any changes, each of the tiers 1, 2 and 3 come with explanations on the left side. However, you can also change the pre-defined settings if you want to have further control. You can also select your preferred article spinning services like TheBestSpinner or other alternatives. Basically anything that does the task without any additional cost would be good.

    There are also options that allow you to format your article output in the desired way, and include images, videos and other media therein. You can select the spinning settings and level to paragraph level spinning, sentence level spinning and so on. After selecting your desired settings, just click Apply and you are good to go. Here is a screenshot of the Tweak Settings.



    Adding Links to the Article

    You can specify the keyword that you need to place hyperlinks on and add various links to them, some of which may of course link back directly to your website. You can add random links in the body of your article, add contextual links, add links to resource boxes, or insert linked images as you wish.


    As you can see you can add multiple links for a desired range of keywords. You can even set the brand keywords and tell the software to use brand keywords for a certain percentage of keywords. This can come in really handy. Remember to insert contextual link to other websites that contain information relating to your target keyword niche, so that Google and other search engines don’t see that all of your hyperlinks link back to yourself.

    Generating the Spun Content

    After finishing all the settings, you are ready to do the real task of generating the content and making it export-ready. Here’s a preview of hwo this window will look like once you have entered all the desired settings and input.


    The title, article summary, body section and article resource box sections are all visible in the spintax format. Once you click the “build content” button, the software will automatically start downloading the content, spinning it and putting it together. After the job is done you can see your output and make changes in it if you want.

    Exporting the Output Content

    To export the generated content select you desired link building software and click “Build and Export” button. In just a blink of an eye, the software will create a ready to use folder which contains all the information you need regarding a particular keyword, including Press Releases, Bookmarks, Video titles and descriptions, blog posts and more that you can import in your preferable SEO software.


    Other Features

    Besides excellent and easy to use campaign creator, Kontent Machine v3 also comes with other nifty tools and features. Have a look below.


    Article Scrapper – This tool allows you to directly bulk download articles from directories based on the keywords you enter. Very useful when you need content for spintax or other information.

    “About Me” – Simply generates different about me sections for use with the author bio. You can set the number of variations and spinner you want to use, e.g., TheBestSpinner.

    Bulk Spinner – This will allow you to bulk spin a folder to multiple articles along with adding image sand videos at random intervals in them. Great tool for saving time in generating lots of content quickly.

    Publish Files – This feature allows you to publish the created articles to different websites and directories. You can choose the title, tags and categories and select where you want your articles to be published automatically. You can also add your RankWYZ account, if you have one. This will allow you to submit your articles to different bookmarking, social websites and web 2 websites.

    Final Word

    Kontent Machine v3 launched with a discounted offer of $217. The last version was available for use without any cost for the first 7 days so that you can get your hands on it and check to see if it works for you the way you want, and we expect the same thing form this new version. A website with a good amount of well written and rich content naturally draws search engines’ attention and reaps great benefits. So whoever aims to equip their website with good quality content these costs are insignificant compared to the benefits that arise from the effective use of this tool. Kontent Machine v3 has fully functional tools that would be a worthwhile investment for anyone.

    Resources In The Tutorial

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    Software Integration

    Kontent Machine integrates with a range of other tools & software-

    Link Building

    Blog Network Management

    Spinning Software

    Kontent Machine v3 is a great time saver tool and helps to create unlimited unique content that is relevant to your webpages for promotion.
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