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    Link Emperor Review : Built Quality Penguin Safe SEO Links Now!

    by Santanu

    7$ Trial

    Reviewed by:
    On July 14, 2013
    Last modified:July 15, 2013


    LinkEmperor, the God of SEO helps you to build quality backlinks to your blogs without any effort. Try now and rate below!

    Link Emperor is one of the most comprehensive and complete link building services available on the web. The purpose of Link Emperor is to bring together all the tools that are necessary for your link building tasks in one place. Link Emperor has its own marketplace comprising of the most economical and most effective link builders. It can handle almost everything including Wikis, trackback URLs, social media websites, press releases and a lot more new links as and when they are available. A lot of vendors are available who offer different kinds of backlinks for your website. This provides you link building services from multiple link builders all at once. This protects you from the deteriorating quality of a single link provider once they get too big.

    Link Emperor also offers the feature of maintaining your website on its own. Allow it to run on your sites and it will perform its best maintaining link diversity, keyword diversity and link velocity for your website. Adding together the many functions of Link Emperor it is not just a simple link building service, but acts as a complete SEO command center and allows you to manage different SEO aspects of your website directly from its interface. In this review I have tried to summarize the most prominent features of Link Emperor.

    Link Emperor Features Review


    1. Link Building Service

    Link Building is the primary purpose of Link Emperor. All other functions are secondary and help you achieve the primary function in a better way. As mentioned, Link Emperor is a complete marketplace where buyers and sellers exchange links. The current marketplace offers the most diverse collection of link types you’ll find on the internet. There are lots of sellers and various types of links. You purchase credits in order to build backlinks to your website. The function of marketplace is to allow you the possibility of allocating your credit between different sellers and links however you link. This means there’s always competition in the market between different vendors who strive to get your business.

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    Categories of different web links in the Link Emperor marketplace include the following:

    • Private Blog Network Posts
    • Wiki Submission
    • Press Release Submission
    • Web 2.0 Platform Submission
    • Social Signals
    • Web 2.0 Blog Posts
    • Article Submission
    • Social Bookmarking
    • Blog Commenting
    • Web 2.0 Property Creation
    • Forum Profile Creation
    • Mixed or Multi-Tier Blasts

    That’s a lot of link types, isn’t it? The thing is… within each category of links you will find a number of vendors willing to provide you backlinks. These vendors are rated according to the LinkEmperor ratings, and the credits required (what the vendor is charging), number of guaranteed verified links (success rates) and cost per verified link are also available for you to compare various vendors. The following screen cap provides a list of vendors under blog posts and wiki submissions.

    Linkemperor Building Service

    LinkEmperor has an in-built algorithm that decides what types of links would be most effective for your website, so that you get an optimized variety of different links for your website. There is also an option that allows you to choose only the ‘clean’ links. For example, if you have clients, you wouldn’t want them to hear about you from bad websites.

    2. Campaign management with LinkEmperor

    Managing your link building campaigns is a very easy task with LinkEmperor. Even those with a very little or no knowledge at all about backlinking can easily understand the interface and start creating new links. All you need to do is set up your website with LinkEmperor, your landing pages, and specify the keywords and you’re all good to go. Google Analytics can also be integrated with this tool to provide you useful insights during the process.

    Each project can be organized conveniently including campaign, sub-campaigns, domain and landing levels. LinkEmperor’s built-in algorithms will decide for you where you want to build new links for your website, and you can prioritize link building based on simple visitor values and keywords. The link building is also prioritized taking into account a variety of other factors including the search engine traffic, competition level, current ranking and visitor value. This entire process will make sure you’re getting the best possible increase in your website ranking for the buck you pay.

    Campaign management is not hard to manage at all, however even if you have any issues there are tutorial videos available for you at the LinkEmperor’s website. Moreover their technical and support staff is always ready to help you on all major and minor issues.

    3. The Keyword Research Tool

    In LinkEmperor Keyword Research tool is the best feature that supplements link building. Keyword research is extremely necessary for a successful website. The keyword research tool that comes bundled with this software is better than any other keyword tool you would find and pay to use. What it does is generate a tree of similar keywords that your competitors are currently ranking for in search engines, based on a keyword that you provided. LinkEmperor will generate thousands of keywords and group the similar ones together along with all the related long-tail keywords which share the same roots. This is really important because it gives you an idea what keywords you should focus on in order to cover the widest audience possible.

    The keyword tree is shown below.

    Keyword Research Tool

    The integration with Google Analytics and Clicky enables the keyword research tool to capture all possible keywords that the in-built engine may have missed. Overall this keyword tool comes in really handy and certainly increases the overall utility and rating of the LinkEmperor by many degrees.

    4. Rank Tracking

    Like I said earlier, Link Emperor is not just about building links, it’s a complete SEO command center. Rank tracking allows you to track where you rank for a particular keyword. This tool is a great perk that comes free of cost with the software. With new changes to Google Analytics, rank tracking is not an easy task anymore and service providers charge no less than $50 per month for tracking up to 200 keywords. Buying Link Emperor will instantly eliminate these costs and save you hundreds of bucks in future. Why? Because it automatically tracks your ranking for every keywords you are targeting, once a week, free of cost! You can also create searchable reports from the results with visual demonstrations and charts. You don’t get this much elsewhere!

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    5. On-Page Website Audits

    On-Page SEO optimization is not a primarily responsibility of LinkEmperor, therefore even though it comes with incomplete features I would consider it an added benefit to an already complete software package. It would not be wise to rely solely on Link Emperor’s on page website audit. This tool will analyse your webpages for the following on-page SEO factors:

    • Keywords in the body
    • Heading level tags
    • Title tag of the page
    • Meta description tag
    • Content on the page exceeds 200 words at least
    • Robots.txt
    • Contact page
    • Privacy policy

    Comparison of LinkEmperor with Other SEO Services

    If you need further clarification as to why you should purchase LinkEmperor here is the summary of various features and other competitor software packages. This will help you take a sound decision.

    LinkEmperorBacklinks GenieDripableDrip Feed Blasts
    LinkEmperorBacklinks GenieDripableDrip Feed Blasts
    Link Types:
    Article directory submissionXXX
    Forum profile Creation
    Social BookmarkingX
    Social signals (RTs, 1+s, Youtube Views etc.)XXX
    Web 2 Blog PostsXXX
    Press Release SubmissionXXX
    Link Building Features:
    Multiple vendorsXXX
    Independent verification of linksXXX
    mozRank of all linking URLsXXX
    Scheduled link building based on current rankingXXX
    Research & Reporting:
    Rank TrackingXXX
    Integration with Google analyticsXXX
    Keyword Research ToolXXX
    Generate Articles from ArticleBuilder.netXXX
    Get Now!Get Now!Get Now!Get Now!

    While Raven Tools is an SEO package that can perform most of these tasks, it fails with link building because it isn’t deigned for link building. Hence LinkEmperor provides you EVERYTHING you need at one place and that too at fairly attractive prices.

    LinkEmperor Pricing Plans

    Here are the four plans that you can choose from and the benefits that come with each.

    Linkemperor Price plan

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    Link Emperor is surely the most complete SEO package that comes with unbelievable link building possibilities. LinkEmperor’s link variety, link diversity, and automation capabilities are truly of no match with the others. If you want to purchase single software to operate on your multiple websites at once, LinkEmperor can be the backbone of your SEO strategy. However, if you want to go with the truly white-hat SEO techniques then you should really focus on your content and getting “real” backlinks from your niche related domains. Do not forget to work on the quality of your blog or website besides being engaged with its SEO aspects.

    LinkEmperor, the God of SEO helps you to build quality backlinks to your blogs without any effort. Try now and rate below!
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