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    Long Tail Pro Review : Find Keyword That Actually Rank!

    by Santanu

    10 day Trail

    Reviewed by:
    On July 23, 2013
    Last modified:July 23, 2013


    Long Tail Pro is the best keyword research tool that i have ever used. Easily it can find tons of long keyword which can rank your website well in Google search

    One of the factors that contribute the most to the success of your website marketing campaign is the extensive and accurate keyword research. It plays a great role in determining where your website stands in the search engine results. Long Tail Pro is a software that aims at easing all your keyword research related tasks and is believed to be pretty good at it. While both the tools are paid software, a detailed analysis will reveal that the benefits you can derive from their use are far greater than their cost. So here I will present briefly some of its most noticeable features, their benefits and where it stands in competition with its rival keyword research tool Market Samurai.

    Long Tail Pro review

    Long Tail Pro Overview

    Long Tail Pro is developed by the father of Niche Pursuits, Spencer Haws. It is widely famous among the website developers and has gained distinction among its competitors within a short time after its release. It is equally beneficial for both amateur and skilled internet marketers and can save a lot of time and effort of people that are looking for affiliate internet marketing success.

    What Long Tail pro does is minimize your keyword research efforts by automatically searching for thousands of long tail keywords based on just one or a few root keywords. It is ideal for those who have spent countless hours searching for relevant keywords, yet haven’t succeeded. Anyone who is reading my blog must know that long tail keywords are your best bet at search engine optimization. Long tail keywords allow you to target a very specific sub-group of people who are searching Google. When you know what people are looking for through search engines you can precisely adjust your webpage to suit their needs and present yourself as an expert who can best help them with their goals.

    You also have to get yourself on top of the Google search results to increase your visibility to the target audience. Without that you won’t be able to have any leads. So the main think to consider here with regard to long tail keywords is the competition. To get yourself on top of Google results with least amount of efforts, your main focus should be long tail keywords with low competition. And that’s what Long Tail Pro excels at. It adds seed keywords during the process and then looks for additional data and applies filters. It will not only fetch tons of long tail keywords but also present an analysis of the competition that already exists for each keyword.

    Long Tail Pro keyword

     There are many reasons why Long Tail Pro has taken over the market and outclassed other popular dedicated keyword research tools such as Market Samurai and SECockpit. Once you have set up long tail keyword optimized webpages in your target niche after conducting extensive keyword research, there is nothing that can stop you from going to the top of search engine results. Like this you will be able to attract attention of people to your website, get interested visitors and convert them into sales. And all this can be done for $97 – the price of this great little tool.

    Long Tail Pro Review and Features

    If you are wondering whether you should buy Long Tail Pro or not, that not the right question. Instead you should be asking yourself will I be able to utilize the information provided to me by Long Tail Pro? The extensive research this tool does for you and then the detailed results you are given are in itself great enough and give you a competitive marketing advantage to you over other. So the question of not getting this software does not even arise. As for whether you should purchase Long Tail Pro or other keyword research tools like Market Samurai or SECockpit, you’ll definitely know the answer by the end of this blog.

    Using Long Tail Pro will ensure that you are directing your marketing efforts towards areas that are most comfortably and most like to generate the profit. Hence the long tail keyword strategy is both efficient and effective. If you are a regular blogger, you’ll have all the information you need in order to build your niche blog around.

    Once you have all the keyword research done, most of your SEO related tasks are done. However, you shouldn’t relax as you work here is not yet completely done. Now what you need to do is generate and post enthralling content based on the long tail keywords. Unique and attractive content that will not only attract the visitors but also interest them and compel them to take actions based on your content. Once you have great content online, the last thing that’s left is promoting it. The more unique you content and the more your promote it, greater your chances of getting a good rank fast.

    This strategy will ensure that your chances of success are highest, and that of failure lowest. The competition research in Long Tail Pro have the ability generate data relating to page backlink counts, and calculate the ranking based on Google page rank, Moz rank, and page authority. The on page SEO factors including keyword in title, meta description, heading HTML tags, and URL are also verified and highlighted. The platinum version also allows you to import keywords, store favorite keywords, and tracking of your website ranking on Google.

    Resources In This Review

    Long Tail Pro 10 Day Free Trial – Get access to the fully functional trial now!

    Long Tail Pro Packages and Pricing

    Long Tail Pro comes in three different packages. The details are given below.

    Price plan

    Claim your 10 Day Free Trial Now!

    Long Tail Pro vs. Market Samurai

    Long Tail Pro vs. Market Samurai

    Market Samurai is another famous tool for extensive keyword research. It also excels at generating keyword related data and has taken it into so much detail that beginners and even those familiar with SEO may feel that too much information is there to figure out and prioritize. Market Samurai is also a great tool for doing comprehensive keyword research, but it seems a lot slow and lethargic when compared to Long Tail Pro. Another negative aspect of market Samurai is that it overloads the user with information. You will feel like most of the options useless and you don’t need them. Besides, Market Samurai also costs a lot more than Long Tail Pro as shown in the comparison below.What makes Long Tail Pro victory over Market Samurai is its ability to work really fast and present the information in a way that is easy to comprehend. The following chart presents a comparison of various features of the two software.


    Long Tail ProMarket Samurai
    Long Tail ProMarket Samurai
    Keyword Research
    Ability to set minimum number of keywordsYesYes
    Local Google searchYesYes
    Global Google searchYesNo, unless you have selected the global project
    Keyword Filters8 Google8 Google, 5 Bing & 5 Majestic
    Phrase-to-Broad ratioNoYes
    Data ExportingYesYes
    Import keywordsYes, but only in Platinum versionNo
    Average KCYes, but only in Platinum versionNo
    Competition Research
    Page backlink countYes, Moz dataYes, Majestic Data
    Domain backlink countNoYes, Majestic Data
    Referring domains to domainNoYes
    Referring domains to pageNoYes
    Google Page RankYesYes
    Moz RankYesNo
    Domain AuthorityYesNo
    Site/Domain AgeYesNo
    Keyword in titleHighlightedTrue or False
    Keyword in metaHighlightedTrue or False
    Keyword in heading tagsHighlightedTrue or False
    Keyword in URLHighlightedTrue or False
    Add custom URLsNoYes
    Anchor Text AnalysisNoYes

    Final Word

    As you can see Market Samurai also has all the necessary features. It also offers some extra features that aren’t present in Long Tail Pro, but it costs 50% more than Long Tail Pro and lacks in overall functionality, presentation and ease of use. Users have even complained about Market Samurai crashing every now and then. The developers keep releasing new updates every now and then but they don’t seem to resolve the issues that often. Owing to these reasons I have selected Long Tail Pro as my keyword research companion and I am very much satisfied with it. The support offered by Long Tail Pro developers’ team is also very good. So you wouldn’t have any trouble after purchasing this tool.

    Sign Up For The Fully Functional 10 Day Free Trial Here!

    What makes Long Tail Pro even better is its simple, minimalistic and user-friendly interface that runs through Adobe Air and is very easy to operate. If you are looking to target long tail keywords, I would say you must definitely go for Long Tail Pro.

    Long Tail Pro is the best keyword research tool that i have ever used. Easily it can find tons of long keyword which can rank your website well in Google search
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