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    OIO Publisher WordPress Plugin Review: Sell your Ad Slots Directly

    by Santanu


    Reviewed by:
    On September 27, 2013
    Last modified:September 27, 2013


    OIO Publisher is a great plugin to sell ads directly on your blog without any middle man . Try now and get satisfied!

    Once you have developed a good page rank and attract good amount of traffic to your website, it’s time to devise strategies for generating revenue from your blog. All your whole hearted efforts and the time that goes into making your blog worthwhile for readers wouldn’t sound fascinating if it can’t generate a good return for yourself. You have to make money from your blog else you won’t be able to continue regularly developing it. Professional bloggers make handsome amount of money through advertising and so can you!

    The first thing that comes in mind when talking about making money from blog is Google Adsense. Most of the people rely on AdSense to make some part time money from their website or blog. But that’s not where it all ends. You can do a lot more and make much more than AdSense. You can also sell ad spaces on your website or blog to advertising agencies and make profit from it. One of the best WordPress ad manager plug-in that you can use to sell ad spaces on your blog is OIO Publisher. It allows you to keep 100% earnings to yourself.

    oio publisher wordpress plugin

    What OIO Publisher does?

    Once your website has interesting content, optimized for SEO factors and drawing adequate traffic, things will get a little tough to manage. People will be contacting you through website and through email. You’ll have to reply to your visitors and be able to meet their needs and keep improving and bringing in new posts if you want to keep them interested in visiting your blog. Getting quotes from the advertisers and replying individually to each of them can be a daunting task. What OIO Publisher does is manage the sales and advertising aspects of your blog. It will help you sell the advertisement spots at your website directly to interested advertisers and automate most of the tasks related to ads.

    The only thing that remains on your hands is to review the ads proposed for your website before they go online and approve them. This is to ensure that any undesirable or spam content does not gets posted.

    How OIO Publisher Works?

    Once the plugin is installed you will be able to select areas of your website that you think would be good places for ads. These are mostly the places that get visitor attention without unnecessarily interrupting with your regular website content. There are a variety of ads that can be placed including banners, inline text, sponsored posts etc. Once you select the place and type of ad to be placed, OIO Publisher will place a generic ad saying “Advertise Here” of exactly the same dimensions and type that you chose. Interested advertisers can click on the banner and they will be taken to a sales page immediately.

    The sales page presents all different types of ads available to be posted on your website. Potential advertisers can very conveniently choose from a variety of ads available, where it will fit on your website and the pricing options. These prices are controlled and set by you through the OIO Publisher control panel. You can create different packages for the advertisers and decide to charge lower prices if advertiser choose to place ads for a longer period of time. They can purchase ads for 1 month or subscribe to monthly packages depending on their need. They will be charged once every month if they choose to opt with the monthly package. They can also make payment through various payment modes including Google Checkout, PayPal, Payza, EntreCard and offline payment methods such as checks and money order. The order form is shown below.

    OIO Publisher Purchase ads

    Once an advertiser has cancelled the subscription, OIO Publisher will automatically remove their ad on the next payment date and notify you that the respective ad placement spot is now available for new advertisers. This will relieve you of all the managing and time consuming humdrum routine tasks and allow you to focus your attention towards how to improve the qualitative aspects of your blog.

    OIO Publisher can be installed with any WordPress powered website whether modified or not. It is very easy to set up and didn’t take more than half a minute to integrate with my WordPress blog. Once set up, it will present you with a control panel where you can manage your ads, add pricing details and view statistics etc. Once the plugin is activated you will see the following screen:

    OIO Publisher Ad manager

    As you can see there is a short tutorial available for you as a quick start guide. You can define the advertising spots on your website by entering the settings menu. There is also expert advice available on the OIO Publisher official forums.

    Some Great Things about OIO Publisher

    Here are some great features that make OIO Publisher worth your money.

    1. Create Ad Zones without Hassle

    You don’t know how to code HTML? That’s not a problem. With OIO Publisher you can create as many ad zones as you like just by clicking and dragging your mouse pointer. No need to input fancy codes through the keyboard. You can also adjust the size, look and feel of each ad banner with the customer and pre-defined settings that are available to choose from. All you need to do is select the banner size, name your ad zone, choose your desired price and your ad banner will be created. To make the ad visible on your blog you have to drag and drop the OIO Ad Zone widget in the sidebar and the advertisement banner will automatically appear.

    OIO Publisher Ad slot creating

    2. Get a Custom Advertisement Page

    With OIO Publisher you not only get a plugin installed with your blog, but you will also get a  customer Advertisement Page from where interested and potential advertisers will have easy access to purchase ad spaces on your website. This page will present all the available ad zones on your website (that you have added through the control panel) along with all the details and price. Interested buyers can choose an ad zone and click purchase. He will then be taken directly to the payment options. Once the payment is made, the ad will start appearing on your website after your approval.

    3. Various Payment Options

    As stated earlier, with OIO Publisher your purchasers will have the freedom to choose from a variety of payment modes. OIO Publisher supports Google Checkout, PayPal, 2Checkout, Payza, Authorize.net and other non-instantaneous modes of transferring money.

    4. Other Advanced Features

    Besides being very easy to set up and advertiser friendly, there are some really exciting advanced setting features in OIO Publisher plugin which gives it an upper hand over its competitors. These include:

    • Opening the advertisement links in new window and adding “nofollow” attribute to outgoing links.
    • Accepting payment only once you have verified and approved the ads. Allows you to block the spam content from appearing on your blog.
    • Allow the advertisers to conveniently modify their ad banners even after the purchase has been made.
    • Real-time stats for the advertisers and sales stats for the admin.
    • Advertisers can even choose to upload their images to your own web server.

    With all these great features, I really like OIO Publisher. It gives you full control over the advertising on your website. You can enable or disable the ad zones with just a click on a button and everything works as intended. OIO Publisher would really come in handy for you if your website generates good traffic and you want to get in direct touch with the potential advertisers rather than being involved with the middle parties. You will get the best value for your money by automating every aspect of advertising on your blog. No need to manually spend countless hours coding and finding relevant ads for your website!

    OIO Publisher vs. BuySellAds

    BuySellAds is an online marketplace where buyers and sellers can exchange spaces for advertising. It works a lot like OIO Publisher. The following table summarizes the features and characteristics of both software that are well suited to their purpose. Which one you should go for? You decide!


    OIO PublisherBuySellAds
    Able to sell ads directly to prospective buyers with various payment options including PayPal and Google Checkout.Large number of buyers and sellers can be easily found on this network.
    Very easy to install on any website and can be easily intergrated with WordPress blog.Very simple user interface with highly professional look and ordering process
    Ad banners and spots are customizable in easy to handle fashion and every aspect of it can be matched to sit your needs.It has analytics program can fulfill the needs of both buyers and sellers.
    Ads are manged very fast and and instantaneously appear on your website.BuySellAds has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of both buyers as well as sellers. Most of the tasks can be performed very quickly.
    You are able to keep the 100% of money you have made from advertising. OIO Publisher doesn’t keep its cut.Flexible payment options are available including PayPal, cheques and wire transfers.
    An associated marketplace is available where you can list your websites to potential advertisers.Initially the registration is done free of cost
    Conveniently manages text ads even with the ‘nofollow’ attribute.BuySellAds will keep a high commission of 25% of all the money you make from advertising. You might not want to part with this huge sum of money if your websites makes a lot through advertising. OIO Publisher is a better choice in this case.
    Even after all the convenience offered by OIO Publisher, you have to attract the advertisers to your website by yourself.You need to have a minimum traffic level and reputation before your website gets approval for ads. This is sometimes rather difficult and lengthy process you might not want to go through.
    You have to make an initial one-time payment of $49.BuySellAds is supposed to be successful only for some particular web niches. Before going with it you need to realize whether it will work with your website genre and content.

    Get OIOPublisher Plugin Now!

    Sign Up BuySellAds Now!

    Pricing and Discount

    You can purchase OIO Publisher now for a very attractive price of $47. You can also use OIO Publisher plugin coupon code RAINBOW-BMR to get $10 discount.

    Sign Up For OIO Publisher Plugin (Coupon Code: RAINBOW-BMR )

    Final Words

    OIO Publisher is a really great tool to manage your ads conveniently. It will also help you find advertisers and all you have to do is install the plugin, define the ad zones and approve the ads. The best part is you get to keep 100% of your earning. OIO Publisher doesn’t take any share. OIO Publisher is a better option than BuySellAds and other such services where getting approval is really tough.

    OIO Publisher is a great plugin to sell ads directly on your blog without any middle man . Try now and get satisfied!
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