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    SEnuke XCr Review : Get Penguin Safe Backlink For Your Blog

    by Santanu

    Review of: SEnuke XCr
    Free to Try / $67-month

    Reviewed by:
    On June 16, 2013
    Last modified:July 9, 2013


    SEnuke XCr is still one of the best and most wanted SEO link building software. Try it now for faster and safer link building campaign.

    SEnuke XCrSEnuke software is a name not unknown to the website developers and search engine optimization experts. SEnuke XCr is the first ever crowd sourced (Cr) SEO software for back linking and has produced some really amazing results for people who know how to utilize the back links to optimize their webpages for search engines. A lot of people consider it to be the market leader when it comes to producing automated back links. It is one of those intelligent SEO software that are able to produce good results even after Google has updated their Penguin and Panda algorithms.

    A lot of people are unaware as to how back lining actually works and how to use it for your advantage. So here I will cover some of these basic points as to how you can improve your website ranking through effective back links. Yes, SEnuke is quite popular, voguish and all, but you should not believe in hype, so I will also highlight some of the nice and important features of SEnuke XCr. Use this software properly and I assure you it will never let you down. Never!

    What Back Links actually are?

    So this is especially for those among you who aren’t much familiar with the back link concept. Simply stated, back links are the incoming links received by one webpage from another. So if a website directs its visitors to your webpage, a back link to your website is created. Back links are also called inbound links, incoming links or inlinks. Back links are one indicator of your website popularity and how much interest do people take in it. Therefore, these are taken into account by most popular search engines, and are one of the factors for a search engine optimized website.

    Google interprets a back link by page B to page A as a single vote by page A to page B. Back linking therefore is one of the most effective SEO techniques. Effective back linking, however, requires a bit of planning and marketing. That’s where the SEnuke comes in for the rescue.

    Back Linking Made Easy with SEnuke XCr

    We all have heard that creating high quality and informative and useful back links for your website could contribute a great deal to its search engine ranking. But seldom have anyone who tried to do this manually have succeeded; either because the process is too long and boring or waiting for the back links to be created naturally by third party websites is something that may take way too long, or in worst case never happen. For this purpose, SEnuke offers a simple and affordable solution to generate automatic back links for your website. Sounds cool, huh? There’s a lot more to come.

    With SEnuke XCr, you can automate the entire back linking process. It can automatically create accounts, verify them, and create strong back links for your page. This process is performed on blogs, article directories, forums, social bookmarking websites, and other web 2.0 modules. SEnuke XCr also gives y0ou the freedom to choose your own back linking strategy and how to execute it. This is done through a graphical representation using a tree diagram. Using this diagram you can instruct the software what type of links to create and for how many days the link building will take place. You can create back links directing from article directories, Wiki, blogs, social bookmarks, social networks, PDF document sharing websites and so on.

    All this is done through an interactive drag and drop interface which works really fast and smooth. You don’t need to have any programmer or any special developer skills. The diagram shows the entire module, not like in a simple single pyramid depiction.

    easy backlink with SEnuke XCr

    All you have to do is draw a link diagram and the software will closely follow it, creating accounts and back links in an automated way so you can sit back and work on the more attention needing tasks and aspects of your website.

    Sign Up For The Fully Functional 14 Day Free Trial Here!

    The Turbo Wizard

    SEnuke realized that creating a complex back linking campaign can be a daunting task, especially for the beginners. It has a built-in turbo fast campaign creation wizard that will pave your way through even the most complex link building campaigns. This saves a lot of your time as well as avoids the possibility of any errors. All you need to do is input a couple of information step by step, as I will show here, and you are all set in as less as 30 seconds.

    The setup wizard also allows you to customize the content according to your website, so that you get highest possible ranking from the search engines. This is a big positive in my book. Low quality articles, Article Builder and Ultra Spinnable Articles are the three content settings you can utilize. Article Builder by Jonathan Leger is recommended for optimum settings and I personally prefer to use it. Using the low quality content will just spin a couple of randomly selected e-zine articles together to create highly unreadable spun content.

    Just enter the details relating to your money site, content settings and scheduling as shown in the screenshot below and you are good to go.

    SEnuke XCr Dashboard

    Other Great Things about SEnuke XCr

    The most obvious advantage of employing SEnuke is that it can take your website to the tops of search engine results for almost any low to medium competition keyword. SEnuke can also produce organic traffic to your website and increase you website’s conversion rate through diverting a diversified traffic to your website from many different types of websites all over the internet.

    Web developers use SEnuke to save hours of their useful time. Signing up at different websites, making individual profiles and publishing content can take a great amount of your useful time. 50 hours of task can be done in as low as 15 minutes with SEnuke XCr. So it increases your efficiency besides improving your page rank. Plus the freedom you get is amazing. That’s why a lot of people refer to it as the ultimate back linking tool.

    Downside of SEnuke XCr

    Are you a perfectionist? If yes, then there’s a great chance you would be disappointed with SEnuke XCr at times. So what’s the solution? Don’t be a perfectionist. Simply because perfection isn’t necessary when it comes to creating profiles and posting stuff automatically. But why am I saying this? Just because of one thing. When creating random profiles across the internet, SEnuke does not create profiles with 100% completeness and perfection. It may miss on a few details, but there is no other software that can achieve this thing in a flawless manner. The details that are missed are not important when compared to the overall target it achieves. You will be creating hundreds of profiles so the perfection doesn’t matter at all!

    Apart from these minor imperfections that exist in almost everything in our daily lives, SEnuke XCr does its job pretty well. So generally speaking SEnuke XCr is a positive force in the world of marketing. A very positive one!

    Cost of SEnuke XCr

    The cost of the software package may disappoint those who are looking for cheaper software. There are two purchasing options that come with SEnuke, the details of which are listed below.

    SEnuke-XCr-Price Plan

    Whichever version you choose to buy, don’t forget to download your free 14 days trial from the website. There is also a really nice 30 days money back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied after 30 days of purchasing the software.

    You can also purchase this brilliant back linking SEO software from my affiliate link below and you will be rewarded with 7$ every month if you purchase lite version for 12 month and 17$ every month if you purchase Full version for 12 month. Once your purchase is verified , send me your PayPal ID using Contact Us form clearly mentioning the subject.This cash back we are offering because this software is to much costly but it produce great result.

    Claim Your Full 14 Day Free Trial Now!

    You can also combine SEnuke with other software for a full-fledged amazing back linking automation experience. You can use VPN or private proxies for every time you log into different accounts. You would also need a captcha service like Decaptcher.com or Captcha Sniper for automation. You can also get a Best Spinner Account for yourself so you can use it with this software for creating highly readable spun content.

    SEnuke XCr is a great tool to automate your SEO tasks. More importantly the software is regularly updated so that it keeps up with the latest Google algorithms. If you are looking for some great improvements to your website rank, this is the most effective software. I highly recommend it!

    SEnuke XCr is still one of the best and most wanted SEO link building software. Try it now for faster and safer link building campaign.
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