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    SEO Powersuite Review : Complete SEO Software Pack For Professional Blogger

    by Santanu


    Reviewed by:
    On April 10, 2013
    Last modified:July 9, 2013


    I have been using SEO Powersuite for quite sometime and i really like all its features. I prefer most the Rank Tracker tool which gives me accurate position of my website in Google Search. I highly recommend this software and i am sure nobody will get disappointed after using this SEO software. Try It Now

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art of taking your website to the top of search engine results. We have been repeatedly asserting the fact in our articles and blogs that a good SEO software is necessary for the success and promotion of your website just as a good website design software is necessary to develop your website. After reviewing several software for generating search engine optimized content, with pride we are reviewing an all-in-one SEO toolkit well-known for its extensive SEO functions, website promotion and consultation services. It goes by the name of SEO Powersuite by LinkAssistant. So let’s find out whether this SEO Software Review really has it all or is it just the hype.

    SEO Powersuite Review

    SEO Tools Review : What SEO Powersuite has?

    It is important to realize that SEO is not just about getting a top search engine ranking; it’s also about maintaining the top position in the long run. Most SEO techniques seem fairly easy at first but their application can be a time consuming process for web developers. There are plenty of decent SEO software available that will help you automate most of the SEO functions for efficient operation of your website and its content. SEO Powersuite achieves this by providing four different tools in one complete package.

    1. Rank Tracker
    2. Website Auditor
    3. SEO Spyglass
    4. Link Assistant

    Each tool is focused on giving you the information in its particular area. For those well familiar with the SEO terminology the names sufficiently express the purpose of each tool. However, we’ll discuss each one of them and how well (or bad) it helps in achieving the purpose.

    Rank Tracker Tool

    It tracks your website rank on various search engines with respect to keywords. It’s very simple and easy to use. You just need to provide the following information:

    1. Which website you want to test,
    2. Which search engine you want to use (most popular local and worldwide version are available to choose from), and
    3. The particular keyword(s) you want to analyze

    SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker tool will not only show you the competition level and number of monthly searches for a particular keyword, but it will also calculate the Keyword Efficiency Index (KEI) of you website for each keyword. Expected visits are also shown. The good thing about this tool that I liked is that it bypasses all the Google search tools that bias the search results like your previous search history, websites you visited etc. Although you have the option to execute search with respect to a particular criteria, it can be turned off. In the premium versions of the software you can add keywords from a text file or spreadsheet, you can also track the performance of your website over time by scheduling automatic rank checks. A wide range of very useful options can be set up to your advantage.

    Rank Tracker tool Dashboard

    Website Auditor Tool

    Content optimization is the fundamental element of SEO. One thing that can be said for sure about SEO is that without properly optimized content your website can NEVER reach the first page of search engine results. Website Auditor provides you all tools that are useful and necessary for generating the search engine optimized content.

    This tool will analyze your webpages content and let you know about matters relating to keywords, keyword density, missing meta descriptions, internal linking, broken backlinks, link values, HTML code validation and a whole lot of other features. Most of these tools are easy to use, however using advanced tools like creating and managing robot.txt files will require SEO knowledge. This tool will also show you the effective optimization score of your overall website, score of a particular webpage, and optimization rate of each page element.

    I found the comparison and competition tools with other competitive webpages to be very useful. Premium version of the Website Auditor also gives you SEO tips and guidelines according to your current webpage content.

    SEO Spyglass Tool

    Just as the word suggests, Spyglass tool allows you to spy on your competitors. Well, in a way. It will generate a very useful report about the competitors’ website that will provide you all he useful information regarding the quality of text content they have included, what website their links are from, quality of backlinks and what really they’ve got that has got them to the top of the search engine rankings. Just imagine how much more time you will save by not having to execute countless searches at different search engines to retrieve all the information that you will get in perhaps a few minutes. You will also have access to the access to exclusive in-house backlink database.

    Once you are aware of the content and design that has got your competitors a top placement, you can build up your web strategy from that.

    The Link Assistant Tool

    This tool will help you find the helpful backlinks for your website. The only thing that’s left after optimizing your content and website for SEO is getting the strong links relevant to the content of your webpages. This tool will allow you to search backlinks database by keywords and allow tell you bout the quality of those links. With this tool you can find quality link partners in some of the leading search engines. Extensive tools for checking the validity of link partners through link popularity, domain age, Alexa rank and IP address are available. Therefore you can find and manage all types of links and also schedule timely link verification.

    The best thing about SEO Powersuite is that all these tools come in one package. If you ask about the downsides of SEO Powersuite, I would say the price of the premium versions. The Pro version costs 249 and the Enterprise version costs $599. Probably you wouldn’t require the Enterprise edition unless you are a professional SEO company.

    FREE TRIAL – Click Here To Download The SEO Powersuite Trial

    What matters is although the price is high, all the features work like a charm. If you’re looking to buy this software hope this review would have helped.

    I have been using SEO Powersuite for quite sometime and i really like all its features. I prefer most the Rank Tracker tool which gives me accurate position of my website in Google Search. I highly recommend this software and i am sure nobody will get disappointed after using this SEO software. Try It Now
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    avatar Theodore Nwangene April 20, 2013 at 3:13 am

    A very interesting review Santanu,
    Although i don’t tools for SEO as i can easily rank my keywords, but I’ve heard a lot about SEO Powersuite and i know its really a very handy tool.

    Its very cool for SEO indeed.

    Thanks for sharing.


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