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    SEO Tools

    by Santanu

    Starting of as a newbie blogger can be tough when there are lots of similar websites and blogs all offering content and resources that are somewhat similar to yours. There’s high competition for almost every common word you can think of. Starting things from scratch, waiting for guest visitors to come to your site and increase he traffic is a wait requiring hard work and patience. So why not change the way people make things work for them and adopt something different? Sounds good, huh? You know about excellent search engine optimization (SEO) software and plugins and email marketing campaign software, but they cost mighty high for you starting of as a newbie in the blogosphere. But don’t lose your enthusiasm for you can do things in A LOT easier and cheaper way then you ever thought of.

    The use of content creation, SEO, internet marketing and link building software certainly gives you benefit over other bloggers if utilized properly. In this article I will present to you a well categorized list of plugins and software for your blog that will lift from the ground and take you high into the skies of blogosphere. Sure, you can thank me later.


    You can’t have your blog online without support of a descent web hosting company. If you decide to opt for the totally free route for your website instead of paying early, here are the best free alternatives for you.

    • Dreamhost (Full 14 Day Trial)  – Popular among the webmasters for its quality support, Dreamhost provides a free 14 day trial to newbie bloggers. You can get unlimited storage and bandwidth plan with them for as low as $8.95 per month.

    Keyword Research

    • Market Samurai (Full 14 Day Trial)– This is an excellent keyword research tool. Although it’s a bit difficult and not that easy to use compared to its rival Long Tail Pro, it has proved to be very effective for its users. You can have a full 14 day trial and purchase it for $147 if you are satisfied.
    • Keyword Researcher (Free Trial)  Care for a free trial? It can generate keyword ideas for you but doesn’t reflect the competition strength and search volume numbers. Doesn’t matter as long as you can try it for free, right?


    Creating content that attracts and inspires others is at the core of being a successful blogger. No matter how much higher you get on Google, no one will visit your website again if it doesn’t impress them or provide them with what they need. Here are the top 4 under this list.

    • TheBestSpinner (Full 7 Day Trial / $7) – It is really the most effective and accurate article spinning software. The thesaurus database used by this software is designed by real users. This software will never disappoint you. You can get The Best Spinner for 7 days trial for $7; thereafter you can have it for $77 per year.
    • WordAI (3 Day Trial) – This is a new one and claims to be the smartest article rewriter ever. It claims to produce human quality content with its artificial intelligence engine. Is it worth the 3 days FREE trial? You decide.
    • Kontent Machine (Full 7 Day Trial) – This is a complete content creation package designed by expert SEO experts. It utilizes Niche-relevancy algorithms and nested spintax features to produce the best quality content. It can also decide article titles descriptions, summary and resource box automatically. Try it for free 7 days’ trial before you buy it.Read my full review here.
    • Spinner Chief (Free Version) – Not really a chief compared to its rivals mentioned above, but it is TOTALLY free. Why not give it a try?


    I discussed how email marketing can be beneficial for online businesses in my GetResponse Review. Check it out if you are not aware of it.

    • GetResponse (Full 30 Day Trial) – As discussed in my article it is simple and functional email marketing software that can help you explore new business opportunities and enhance your relationship with current customers. It offers tons of attractive email newsletter templates, elegant modern interface, contextual auto-responding to emails from clients, automated contact lists and landing page and email campaign creation. They offer FULL 30 DAYS TRIAL. Isn’t that great? Read My Full Review Here!
    • Aweber (Full 30 Day Trial / $1) – This is the rival of GetResponse. Although I personally prefer GetResponse, some bloggers say Aweber works better for them. They offer 30 days’ full trial for just a dollar.


    On –site SEO factors improve your page ranking and help you to reach on top of Google Rankings by enhancing relevance and visibility.

    1. SEOMoz (Full 30 Day Trial)– This software can detect any SEO issues with your site and suggest corrective measures immediately. You can get a full 30 days’ trial.
    2. Website Auditor – It comes with the SEO PowerSuite combo package, but you can also get a free version. Does exactly what it says.
    3. Microsoft SEO Toolkit (Free) – It is totally free and from Microsoft. It can scan your website and generate a report relating to issues and improvements.

    Enhancing your on-page SEO will definitely make a difference compared to those bloggers who just create content without optimizing it for search engines. Do make use of it intelligently.


    Following are the top software under this category.

    1. SENuke XCR (Full 14 Day Trial) – It is considered by many to be the market leader when it comes to producing automated back links. Although it costs $147 per month, you can purchase the lite version for $47 per month or try free for 14 days. Read my review here  SENuke XCR review.
    2. Link Assistant – You don’t have to pay anything for the free version of this software. It is also a part of complete SEO PowerSuite package. You can use it to find prospective link partners and improve your website’s rank and visibility.
    3. Article Kevo – This is new in the Link Building market and provides back linking to a wide range of websites including article directories, blogs, wikis, web 2.0 platforms, social bookmarking websites etc. It has a full 7 day trial.
    4. SEO SpyGlass – This software has a free version that can help you discover your competitors’ backlinks and linking partners. No need to worry about stiff competition, SpyGlass is here for the rescue!
    5. Sick Submitter – It is not free, but this tool has the ability to post to a wide range of website platforms so that you can get different type of traffic from various websites.
    6. Magic Submitter – Being the primary rival of SENuke, it performs very similar operations. You can get it for 30 days for $4.95.


    Regularly keeping an eye on your rank and responding appropriately to the up or down variations is really important. Take help from these top software in this category.

    1. 1.     SEOMoz – Apart from excellent rank tracking, Samos also offers keyword research and link building features. It wouldn’t be wrong to call it a complete SEO package for your website. It can rank your website for a particular keyword in terms of competition. You can get full 30 days trial. Don’t miss this opportunity to test this amazing software.
    2. 2.     Rank TrackerWorks as standalone free desktop app and is also a part of SEO PowerSuite. I really like this app and definitely recommend it.


    Without adequate social media visibility you won’t be able to beat your competitors. These software top in my list.

    1. BuzzBundle – I have reviewed this software in detail and highly recommended its use. It supports Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and other major social networking websites. If properly utilized it can prove to be a lot more effective than email marketing. This software is made by the same team that is behind the comprehensive SEO PowerSuite apps. You can use its free version for as long as you want.
    2. HootSuite – This software allows you to schedule updates and tweets and everything for a particular time and automates most of the social networking tasks. It will manage your accounts and pages in a seemingly useful way. The best part is it has a free version you can get your hands on without paying a buck.
    3. SynnD – It will help you get Twitter RTs, Facebook likes, +1s, social bookmarks and a lot more in a very convenient and easy way. Free version helps you with get things going.

    Apart from these great apps, you can also utilize offline Twitter and Facebook clients for both Desktop computer and mobile. These apps help you manage unlimited number of accounts and schedule things to post and perform lots of tasks automatically.


    The discussion above focuses on particular aspects of the SEO and improving your website’s visibility and ranking. If however you are looking for a complete SEO package that combines all of the features discussed above then you need to invest a more money and buy one of the following software.

    1. Long Tail SEO (Read review here: Long Tail Pro Review)
    2. SEO PowerSuite (Read review here: SEO PowerSuite Review)
    3. SEOMoz (Read review here: SEOMoz Review)

    You can learn why I recommend these legendary SEO software by reading my comprehensive reviews and comparisons. Although these software come in free and trial versions, most of the features are limited. Anyways, trying out the trial beforehand is a necessary and beneficial process for your website. So do give it a try.

    So there goes the complete list of software I believe are the hallmark of great search engine optimization practices. I hope I haven’t missed anything. If you know any other plugin or software that you would like me and the readers to know, please do mention about it in the comments section below so we all can benefit. When using the trial versions you should try to familiarize the software before downloading it so that you know the features and their usage before your trial period begins. All the best with making your blog famous!

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