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    SEOPressor V5 Review : Must have On-Page SEO WordPress Plugin

    by Santanu

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    On March 10, 2013
    Last modified:July 9, 2013


    SEOPressor V5 is highly recommended plugin as it takes account all your on-page SEO activity. With this plugin , your dream of making your website on the 1st page of Google may get fulfill.

    Understanding the logic behind white-hat SEO techniques and implementing them in your blog can be a tough task for some people. But fear not, as there’s a good news for all such people. A tool that provides all effective on-page SEO features and comes in very handy comes with the name SEOPressor. We love it to optimize our WordPress webpages, and so will you, because it is specially designed for the WordPress users. So if you’re looking to earn some bucks with your blog you might want to check this nifty plugin out. Here we will discuss some of the features and how they do (or don’t) cater to your SEO needs.

    Features of SEOPressor V5 Plugin

    SEOPressor V5 review

    Download SEOPressor

    Getting Good Ranking with Competitive Keywords is Easier & Safer!

    There’s a high competition in the online market as regards search engine optimization. Organizations even hire expert SEO consultants by paying them good amount of money so that they can achieve a reasonably good page ranking. Recognizing that, SEOPressor aims at improving your page ranking even for the most competitive keywords through its various features, and on-page SEO checker is just one of them.

    It helps you to determine what your current SEO score is and also brings up suggestions for improvement. Your keyword density is well taken care of. So you don’t need to worry a bit about it. SEOPressor bases all its keyword density and SEO calculations based on current developments and relevant SEO principles. You will see that the plugin keeps on updating with new rules and updates from Google and major search engines. This will ensure you get the pages that are best optimized without the risk of getting penalized by Google and others.

    You can choose 3 different keywords for each article and the plugin will help you determine the best LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) terms to improve your on-page SEO.

    Over-Optimization Checker

    This is just one of those things that aren’t easily available. It comes with a recent Google update. If you write regular blogs that are SEO optimized you must be wary of the number of times keyword appears in your documents and articles. Overusing and keyword stuffing can get you in trouble. SEOPressor comes with this feature that will suggest the number of times to use keywords for perfect results.

    SEOPressor will assign your page a score based on the keyword density. In case your page is over-optimized or under-optimized, you will have to find ways to improve your score.

    Rich Snippets are the Winners!

    SEO-Pressor LSI featureRich Snippets are the ratings, picture thumbnails and other information that appears along with the website title and Meta information. You must have seen these while searching Google. Snippets are real eye-catchers and these can win you more clicks. Check the following image for the Google results of “Samsung Galaxy S3 Review” keywords.

    Notice how the ratings and author’s image catch attention? With SEOPressor adding these rich snippets is as easy as it gets. You don’t need to learn any additional HTML code to incorporate them in your webpages. Everything comes pre-defined for your ease. And what’s even better is you have more options than you can imagine in the Snippets tab of the plugin including Reviews, Events, People, and Products etc. After employing these features you will definitely see good increase in your website traffic and its overall rating.

    Twitter Cards and Facebook OpenGraph is Easier to use

    Twitter Cards allow you to customize how your webpage and its content are displayed whenever someone tweets about your webpage with an embedded link. This information appears whenever someone expands the tweet, and helps you drive traffic to your website. Check the following image for details about The New York Times story.

    Similarly Facebook Open Graph gives you control over how you share your stuff through Facebook. SEOPressor gives you the ability to incorporate both of these elements in your webpages. It automatically adds such information to all of your webpages. The importance of having a social media presence is eminent and this should be an integral part of all well optimized documents as search engines including Google are now paying more attention to social signals.

    Automatic Smart Linking Feature – Yet another Smart Tool

    This feature allows automatic embedding of internal and external links to your written pages. This adds value to the authenticity and reliability of your document. This is done based on the provided keywords and the topics of, for example, your articles. It ensures a good traffic, conversion rate, and keeps the reader busy at your website. External links are a measure of credibility for your website and gives a hint to the search engines that you did some good amount of research before posting this stuff to your website. So don’t forget to add this on!

    SEO Keyword scoreSearch engines today demand naturally optimized content that is useful to the reader and is social media friendly. SEOPressor will help you achieve all of this while simultaneously improving the on-page SEO. Besides SEOPressor is relatively easier to use and involves only a little manual intervention. After creating your page you just click on the “Click to Refresh the Analysis” button and it will show you the page score and keyword density. Follow up with the suggestion to improve your page’s SEO score.

    As you move forward to using SEOPressor, it will not only give you helpful suggestions for improvement but will also make you incorporate elements that add value to your pages such as subheadings and alternative image texts. These will teach you everything from basic to advance related to SEO. A well optimized SEO page can add to the revenue of your website and the new updated ways SEOPressor helps in achieving this is good enough to support its positive review.

    Current Pricing or Plan of SEOPressor V5 Plugin

    SEOpressor Price plan

    SEOPressor is one of the best plugin and it is NO. 1 SEO plugin in my SEO tool list. Current price is 47$ for single site license and 97$ for multi site license. It is highly recommended to buy multi site license and you can instilled it in multi wordpress blog.  You can use below download link to purchase one for your blog.

    Purchase SEoPressor V5

    Please let us know your experience and view on this plugin and if you like , please share it with your friends in Facebook , twitter and Google Plus.

    SEOPressor V5 is highly recommended plugin as it takes account all your on-page SEO activity. With this plugin , your dream of making your website on the 1st page of Google may get fulfill.
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