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    SEOPressor V5 vs Easy WP SEO – Which One is Best SEO Plugin?

    by Santanu

    SEOPressor V5 and Easy WordPress SEO are two most discussed Search Engine Optimization plugins on the web; and because all our readers are keen to get ahead of everyone else on Google, here I am thrilled to present a comparative review of both the tools. I have used both SEOPressor and Easy WP SEO for quite a while with my WordPress blog. Both the tools do the task of smoothing out all SEO operations for you.

    Both these great SEO plugins come with surprisingly useful features that will help you get the most with your website’s look and feel as well as its overall content. But there simply isn’t any advantage of using multiple SEO plugins all at once. So I suggest you to buy and install only one of them. This discussion will help you decide which plugin has the potential to maximize your websites’ revenue and benefit you the most.

    SEOPressor V5 Overview

    SEO Plugin Review

    SEOPressor is an on-page search engine optimization tool that is designed especially for the WordPress users. This little tool comes in really handy if you use your blog to market your business online. It comes with almost all the features that can help you improve your website to achieve the maximum efficiency and page ranking. So you wouldn’t need to hire expert SEO consultants to manage your website, or attend expensive webinars to understand the logic behind SEO.

    Search the web and you’ll know SEOPressor is among the top WordPress SEO plugins. The latest version of the plugin is V5 which released earlier this year. The creator of SEOPressor guarantees that the plugin will attract organic traffic to your website by making it top the search results of the most popular search engines. How instrumental SEOPressor V5 in supporting this claim and whether it’s a worthy investment or not? You are just about to discover that.

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    Easy WP SEO Overview

    Best WordPress Plugin Review

    As the name implies, the purpose of installing Easy WP SEO is to simplify all SEO related tasks of your WordPress blog. The focus of this plugin is WordPress blogs and that’s the reason why a lot of WordPress users rely on this tool to optimize their webpages. Better on-page score is the key to getting on top of Google and other search engine results, and Easy WP SEO will assist you by not only taking care of the on-page SEO factors but also practically improving the quality of your blog with its many brilliantly designed features.

    Easy WP SEO is often referred to as the most advanced (yet easy to use) WordPress SEO plugin. It uses around 23 on-page SEO factors to optimize your webpage content in exactly the way search engines rank them.

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    Now let’s move on to compare the premium version of both SEO plugins.

    Feature Comparison – Easy WP SEO vs SEOPressor

    1.     On-Page SEO Analysis

    On-page SEO Analysis is the prime responsibility of both these plugins; therefore it’s necessary to look into the factors that are taken into account by both plugins. Here’s a quick comparison into the number of on-page SEO factors taken in consideration.

    SEOPressor V5Easy WP SEO
    SEOPressor V5Easy WP SEO
    Get SEOPressor Now!Get Easy WP SEO Now!

    Clearly, Easy WP SEO is 11 factors ahead of SEOPressor, which is twice much as SEOPressor. This means Easy WP SEO has the capability to analyse your webpages in a lot more depth compared to SEOPressor. A closer look into what factors are missing in SEOPressor will help you understand what you’ll be missing if you choose SEOPressor instead of Easy WP SEO. These include:

    1. Title HTML tag includes the targeted keyword
    2. The Permalink/URL of your blog post contains the keyword
    3. Keyword is present in Description and Keyword Meta HTML tags.
    4. Multiple keyword analysis at the same time.
    5. Readability level analysis (discussed in detail in the following section)
    6. Integrates with Copyscape to fight against duplicity
    7. Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) functions
    8. Content other than the posts or articles can be analyzed.
    9. Membership plugins of various other services are supported. This makes Easy WP SEO more compatible with the rest of the tools.
    10. Plugin settings can be easily imported and exported to use with your other websites/webpages.
    11. Customization of o-page SEO factors is not possible. Results in consistency around the webpages.

    The above-mentioned factors are only taken care of by Easy WP SEO plugin. Besides, the following factors are taken into consideration by both Easy WP SEO as well as SEOPressor.

    • Keyword Density and placement
    • Content length including length of meta description and title
    • Applying font and other styles to targeted keywords
    • Optimizing images with alternative text tag
    • Heading H1, H2 and H3 tags
    • Minimum content length
    • Providing a percentage SEO score to your webpage.

    2.     Calculation of Keyword Density

    SEO revolves around how well you do with keyword density. There’s a difference in how both these tools calculate keyword density, which means there has to be a difference in how your webpage gets rated by each of them and ultimately affects the position of your website on search engine results.

    The main difference in the keyword density calculation is for the density calculation of long-tailed keywords containing multiple words. For example: Handmade embroidered suits in Texas. This whole keyphrase will be considered as one word by SEOPressor, whilst Easy WP SEO will consider all five words contained in your target keyword. The following table summarizes the keyword density for the above keyphrase calculated using both plugins.

    SEOPressor V5Easy WP SEO
    SEOPressor V5Easy WP SEO
    Total words in your post500500
    Keyword Occurrences10 times10 times
    Keyword Density2% calculated as: number of occurrences / total words in your post10% calculated as: (number of occurrences * number of words in targeted keyword) / total words in your post

    Hence, it can be observed that for the very same article or post, there is a HUGE difference in the calculated keyword density with both the plugins. A whopping 10% keyword density will get your web domain black listed by the search engines as keyword stuffing is considered a black hat technique for gaining SEO advantage. And the worst thing is that you don’t even know this is happening, because you’re going to expect good SEO results as 2% density is pretty much fine for that purpose.

    So how do we know which method of calculation is right? To find this out consider the following sentence as an example.

    Are you having a hard time looking for handmade embroidered suits in Texas?

    You can easily see almost half of the sentence consists of highlighted targeted focus keyword “Handmade embroidered suits in Texas”. So what should be the keyword density? Somewhere around 50% would be a very good guess. Let’s see.

    The same sentence will have just 7.6% (1/13) keyword density calculated using SEOPressor. Whereas Easy WP SEO gives us the keyword density of 38.4%, which is again lot closer to reality. So there you have seen the results. Easy WP SEO’s method is much more realistic and will definitely produce better results than SEOPressor.

    3.     Content Analysis Approach

    Another great reason why I would say Easy WP SEO beats SEOPressor is its excellent and highly flexible page content analysis approach. What SEOPressor really does is consider the content of your actual post or article only, nothing else. Easy WP SEO plugin has a great edge here in terms of whole page content analysis, i.e., it not only analyses your post but also the entire webpage including the HTML code and everything. This makes sure important SEO elements and parameters that are hiding in your menu items, headers, website content, lists and everything that is a part of your webpage doesn’t get missed.

    SEOPressor, BloggerHigh, WP SEO Beast and other SEO plugins fail in implementing the entire page approach. The following picture summarized the entire scenario very well.

    On Page Optimization Analyze

    So Easy WP SEO wins here as well. I have used Easy WP SEO on my several blogs and I assure you this approach will never let you down. It has helped me a lot of times and never once disappointed with it.

    4.     Package Price

    Finally the last but a very important factor you consider while investing in either of these SEO plugin is its cost. Cost matters to a lot of people as it matters to me. You’ll be glad to know that Easy WP SEO is way ahead of SEOPressor in terms of price as well. SEOPressor costs a lot more than Easy WP SEO. More than double!

    Comparing the multi-site license versions of both plugins which allow you to install simultaneously on several websites, here’s the picture:

    Price Comparison SEOpressor V5 vs Easy WP SEO

    So why would you pay double for something that is technically outdated and does not produce the most efficient results? I would highly recommend you to purchase Easy WP SEO for all your on-page search engine optimization needs. Buy Easy WP SEO and you will certainly get the best value for the money you pay. You will even get a 60 days’ money back guarantee. Sounds good, huh?

    I would be glad if you use my affiliate links to buy the XYZ plugin for your blog. I wouldn’t lie; it won’t affect the price you pay. To learn more about Easy WP SEO plugin you can search Youtube. There are lots of helpful videos and reviews that will guide you.

    Check out SEOPressor Sales page || Check out EasyWPSEO Sales page

    As you have seen, we have concluded and many people have experienced, it really is the best of its kind. So now that you have learned something about the two most popular WordPress SEO plugins, it’s time to head start and soon your website will be way above your competitors.

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    avatar Chuck June 8, 2013 at 10:53 am

    Great review, but I guess it’s outdated. I am a user of seo pressor and ez seo, seo pressor especially the latest version 5 is outdoing the whole industry. You also failed to compare social seo, dublin core, 3 keywords analysis and so many other changes in the latest version.


    avatar Santanu June 8, 2013 at 11:11 am


    Thanks for the comment , I think you have forget that it is a comparison. So i can compare feature which is common to both these plugin. In this respect EASY WP SEO wins. Also for 3 keyword analysis which is great off course but i think if SEOpressor fails to optimize 1 keyword ,then 3 keyword optimization will not carry any meaning. Well i like to tell you. i am also using SEOpressor in this blog and believe me , it never counts keyword in meta tag and other areas also and so the score which i always see is not correct. So i have switched over to EASY WP SEO.



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