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    Thesis 2.0 Review – Best WordPress SEO Theme

    by Santanu

    Thesis Theme is famous among the WordPress developers because of its highly flexible and powerful theme management and enhancement features. It allows you to design better looking, more responsive and attractive websites quickly and easily. Web developers are using Theme Frameworks for WordPress for the same reason, but there are some things that take Thesis Theme a step ahead from all other theme frameworks, which is why I have decided to write a review here on my blog.

    thesis 2.0 review

    Why Looks Matter?

    The look and feel of your website is one of the deciding factors that determine how much time a new visitor stays at your website before leaving. Your website should therefore be well designed, carefully arranged in a logical manner and make all the information readily available to your visitor; otherwise it won’t be of any interest to him and he’ll quickly turn off and leave. Perhaps Google search and get business with one of your competitors. You wouldn’t want to lose your valuable customers like that, would you? So what can you do about it? Well, the very first thing is to organize things in a neat and logical way, and then present them clearly in a manner that seems fascinating to your visitors.

    Whenever a person visits a website, the very first thing that catches his attention is the colors, pictures, neatness and the overall presentation. To sum up a big discussion, your website should have to inherent characteristics if you want online success:

    • Visually appealing
    • Action Provoking

    Only if your website looks appealing to your visitors, will they be interested in doing business with you and take an action.

    Thesis Theme Gives You Looks

    Thesis ThemeThesis Theme can give your WordPress website the design you want! The three (revolutionary) features that help achieve this purpose include:

    • Boxes – These provide small add-on functionalities such as quick signup forms, social media bookmarks or allowing your customers to give feedback very conveniently.
    • Skins – Skins are the ready-to-use beautiful themes for your website that are artistically crafted by the professional graphic designers. These will give your website a whole new look you always wanted to show off to your visitors.
    • Packages – Packages add perfection to your design with advanced CSS customization. Best thing – You can alter the design at your will without having to modify the code language.

    Thesis Theme 2.0 comes with a Virtual Design Template Editor that allows you to alter every single aspect of the ready-to-use skins or your own design with just drag and drops and a few clicks. Meaning you won’t have to learn the HTML and CSS code in order to make attractive and lightning fast websites.

    You can tweak and modify all parts of the skin, keep and delete whatever section you want on your website. Thesis Theme strictly follows the traditional WYSIWYG principle which means ‘What you see is what you get!’ So your final website will look exactly the same way you designed it. No clutters and changes at all. The format you created for you website will integrate with the powerful CSS styles to generate an attractive looking dynamic website that matches all the latest performance and visual standards.

    Whether you want to add items to your main sidebar menu, create a list of latest blog posts, or change the styles attributes of different website elements, all can be done in just a few clicks.

    Using Thesis Theme

    I have been using Thesis Theme for quite a while now and it comes with a lot of options with its user interface. On the startup page you will see 5 main options on the tabs to the left. These include:

    • Thesis Home
    • Head Editor
    • Skin Editor
    • Skins
    • Boxes

    Thesis Home

    The Thesis Home section will guide you through the various Thesis Theme features. With little introductions to complete details relating to some handy features, everything is at your fingertips. You can manage all the relevant Meta information and other details relating to your site from here. Such as:

    1. HTML Head Editor – This allows you to edit the <head> tag information and do various actions such as setting a favicon for you website, manage CSS stylesheets, add and modify meta descriptions, verifying your website with search engines, implementing social networking tools and so on.
    2. Tracking Scripts – This tool will allow you to integrate various scripts with your website that monitor the website performance, including Google Analytics.
    3. 404 Page Selector – This option will allow you to choose and modify the 404 error page of your website.
    4. SEO Controls – Manage the simple SEO features of your website homepage. This doesn’t do any wonders but certainly is a desirable option.

    Skin Editor

    This is the main section which does wonders to your website. From here you can select and change the design of your webpage in the way you want. Add or remove different sections, change orders and modifying the structure of your website. You’ll need to spend some time trying to understand the structure of the website and how it works. But once you get it you can manage almost any aspect of the website in just a few clicks.

    Here’s what you’ll be presented with in this section.

    Thesis Skin Editor

    You’ll be presented with different designing options depending on the page you selected. You can change the order by dragging and dropping or create new sections. You can also create your own custom templates which are pretty great feature, or copy templates between different sections. Once you have understood how the entire process works you can modify the skin going really deep within.

    Editing CSS

    Another really impressive feature this tool has to offer is the capability to edit CSS without having to write any code. This can be a really great told for anyone who is not well acquainted with coding in HTML and CSS. As stated earlier, Thesis theme deals with CSS with Packages. These packages can be opened and edited very easily as shown below.

    Editing CSS in thesis 2.0

    As you can easily each HTML attribute and CSS style can be edited in a very easy and fashionable way. For example, you can edit everything related to fonts including the particular font face, font size, borders and shadows, highlighting etc. If you know how to write CSS code then there is an additional perk for you. You can edit the code through CSS tab.

    Thesis Boxes

    Boxes are good if you want to add those nifty plugins you keep seeing all over the internet. Boxes and their types are increasing day by day, as they are a really good way to interact with your audience. There can be whole different types of boxes depending on what you want to add. For example, there’s a box for adding the author information on your blogs. It will conveniently display everything you have input including your picture, your bio, your social networking profiles and contact information. Likewise there can be an article review box which displays the summary, ranking and your comments.

    Other than these, boxes can also help you add animated menus and lists to your website. These are really fast and come in really handy whenever you need them.

    Extra Goodies

    There are some extra goodies added to the top of Thesis Theme, just in case you were wondering if there’s anything else this software has to offer. There’s this rich snippets tool that can be included on your webpage without having to install any plugin. There’s also this Authorship tool that can include your Google Authorship information to Thesis just in the same way as Google Analytics. Pretty good, huh?

    How much does it Cost?

    Thesis 2.0 Theme Price Plan

    Thesis Theme comes in three different packages: Thesis Basic, Thesis Basic Plus and Thesis Professional. The price of Thesis Theme is slightly raised with the release of its new version 2.0. The details of the three packages are shown below. Have a good look!

    Grab a copy of Thesis 2.0 Theme

    Thesis Theme comes with a 30 days money back guarantee so feel free to test-drive your product for a month before purchasing it.

    Final Thoughts

    Thesis Theme is still in its initial days and there are lots of improvements coming its way. Without a doubt it certainly is one of the best WordPress theme frameworks available in the market. The flexibility it offers without having to learn and going through editing the HTML code is simple amazing. It is written very smartly and produces great efficient results. If you want to have eye-catchy webpages quickly made for your website, whether you’re a web developer or an end user, Thesis Theme can do your job very well!

    Do let me know your view about Thesis 2.0 Theme ? Rate Thesis 2.0 theme below . Let me know what theme you prefer ? Will you ever try Thesis theme for your blog?

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