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    Ultimate Demon Review – Get Upto $60 off

    by Santanu

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    On March 21, 2013
    Last modified:July 9, 2013


    For any SEO link building campaign , Ultimate Demon should be the choice without any doubt. It will make your link building campaign much easier. Buy Now and Get $60 off !

    Ultimate Demon is SEO assistance software for link building and posting your content simultaneously to several websites. The idea behind this is to improve your website’s ranking by creating lots of strong backlinks that can provide a good return for your website. Ultimate Demon comes bundled with a variety of SEO features which makes it one of the most complete SEO software package available for web developers. It is a little expensive, but then again investing in a SEO generates good fruitful returns for your online business. Ultimate Demon has a great link building solution which can help you become successful in online internet marketing. The features we describe in this article make this software worth your money.

    Ultimate Demon Tiered Link Building Software

    Ultimate Demon Review Get $60 off


    Ultimate Demon offers powerful link and content posting capabilities along with an in-built scheduler through which you can post to several platforms at a specified time. Ultimate Demon is backed up by a very wide database that allows you to post links at several platforms including the following.

    • Various article listings and directories
    • Web directories and PHP listings
    • Websites that allow you to post Press Releases
    • Online Classifieds websites
    • Social bookmarks such as Plig, PublicBookmark, phpDug and Scuttle.
    • Forum profiles such as MyBB, phpBB, SMF etc.
    • RSS Feeds
    • Video sharing websites

    Use your own website lists

    Ultimate Demon has a site detector feature that allows you to add your very own list of website URLs to the software database. This gives you extreme control over the websites that you want to post to as you need not confine yourself to the available list of websites that are supported by the software. All you have to do is load a list of websites, select the platform type and you are all good to go. Ultimate Demon will automatically detect websites and add them to the database.

    Create Randomly Generated User Accounts

    User Accounts can be created based on an email account. Now whenever the use will use that profile to create an account at a website, Ultimate Demon will create randomly generated usernames in spintax to use with the website. This makes tracking a lot more difficult and less likely than it would be when you’d have made lots of bookmarks using the same username.

    Scrape your Sites

    This feature provides the ability to scrape your own websites. It is not as effective and quick as ScrapeBox, bt it does its job properly if you want to use this feature.

    Other Features

    Besides this, there are lots of other handy features as well such as:

    • Creating a unique and different content from the duplicate text.
    • The availability of synonym harvester for spinning content
    • Link-trees with drag and drop functionality, and Spin Anchor Text utility
    • Video-marketing, posting your desired content on Web 2.0 as well as micro-blogging platforms


    The Review

    Ultimate Demon successfully performed all the executed operations and produce quite good results. It can post up to a thousand links in a few hours which proved to be quite efficient. All the functions do exactly what they say and the learning curve is also a medium-low. So this software can fulfill all your desired SEO functions in a great manner.

    However, there is room for improvement in certain areas. Such as when lots of sites are loaded into the database the software can get a bit slow and it continues to be so until the list is shortened or the operation is stopped. The software also provides an easy way to manage your website lists through the Clean Database Function which enables you to remove all the websites that do not perform good, produce error messages and submission logs. This is also made easy through the rich details about each website that is used. You can scan Alexa, Page and IP ranks as well as PR, Web of Trust, and the presence of captcha etc. All this stored information helps you to evaluate which websites to remove (obviously the ones that do not produce effective results and rankings) and which websites to keep.

    There is also an option that allows grouping together of websites that produce similar results or are similar in nature or function. For example, you can make a group comprising websites that do not require captcha on submission. You can also group together websites that fetched similar errors, for example wrong captcha, and retry.

    Final Word

    The success of Ultimate Demon mostly depends on the effectiveness of your website list. However, it conveniently performs all of the tasks without any issues. You will also need to manage your website lists using the many benchmarks and results of your campaigns.


    • Make your own website lists
    • Post simultaneously at different platforms
    • Link reporting and link trees
    • Group together similar websites
    • Remove websites that do not perform well
    • Up to 60 threads


    • Gets slower with more websites added to database
    • More costly than other SEO software
    • A bit weak built-in scraper
    • Manual working is required to create and remove websites

    Overall Ultimate Demon is a must-have SEO tool for your effective link building campaign . You can use below link , if you are planning to Buy Ultimate Demon , we are offering $60 off to anyone who uses our link. Use Below Link To Buy Now!

    Get Ultimate Demon Now – Upto $60 off

    For any SEO link building campaign , Ultimate Demon should be the choice without any doubt. It will make your link building campaign much easier. Buy Now and Get $60 off !
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